Phases of Training: Base

Triathlon often doesn’t race in the winter due to the cold temperatures, so this is a time of year that many triathletes like to take some time off, relax a bit, and start looking at doing base mileage. This sport is sometimes referred to as a winter sport that is practiced in the summer. But what does that mean? It means your biggest fitness gains can be accomplished in the winter before the race season starts, leaving your body ready for race specific training closer to race day. You can look at the winter as the time of year you get in shape for triathlon training.

What kids of training should I do during the winter base phase?
Once you get into the base part of your cycle, you should be focusing your efforts on increasing your aerobic capacity for exercise, meaning mileage, and lots of mileage. The purpose of base training is to train your body to handle a large volume of exercise and get a solid foundation of fitness before race specific training starts. During this phase, the types of workouts can included endurance based workouts, long mileage workouts, low intensity training, form drills, fartlek workouts, long power intervals, and sporadic hard group workouts to shake things up a bit. While harder workouts are important to keep from hitting a mental barrier, the vast majority of your training should be in your lower heart rate zones in order to increase your ability to exercise at low intensity for extended amounts of time.

Go out and get some miles in!