Phases of Training: Pre-base

Welcome to the first of 4 segments about the different cycles of the training year. Today, we’ll discuss the Pre-base phase, what it means, and what kind of workouts you should focus on during this time. Pre-base is the time of year in which you prep your body for doing regularly scheduled training. After taking some time off or mostly off from training between your last race of the season, your body will likely be a little stiff and not completely used to swimming, biking, and running for regular workouts. This phase will ease you back into training.

Workouts to focus on:
-DRILLS (this can included running drills, swimming drills, bike cadence work, really anything that triggers those motor units you’ll need in the coming months)
-Eeeeasy mileage (mostly unstructured easy stuff to go through the motions with low volume, low intensity)
-Cross training (strength training, hiking, kayaking, recreational sports, etc)

This is a pretty short phase so there’s not too much to say about it. The point is to really just get your body moving again and used to activity before real training starts.