Staying Engaged in the Off Season

This is a short blog post today, but I want to touch on something a lot of triathletes, and endurance athletes in general have trouble with, staying engaged and not losing too much fitness in the off season while still allowing your body to get some much needed recovery.

The late fall/early winter is usually seen as a sort of off season for triathlon where there’s no racing going on, but still a bit early to start to ramp things up for the upcoming season. Its a good time to let your body recover from long racing seasons, bounce back from hard races, and get a mental break from the stress of training. But that doesn’t mean that you should just back off completely from all training. Taking too much time off, or getting too lazy in the off season has the potential to derail all of the gains you worked so hard to accomplish the previous season. This is a good time of the year to partake in some activities that aren’t directly related to triathlon to keep your body active while doing some different things. This can be spending time at the gym, doing outdoor activities (hiking, boating, rock climbing, etc.), playing other sports, or just doing fun activities with the family.

Doing some fun, unrelated activities can give you a mental break, give you opportunity to spend time dong activities with your non-triathlon peers or family, and pursue other interests before training consumes your life again in late winter.