Staying on Track During the Holidays

The holiday season is a tough one to get through. We all know it. No matter how many times we say we won’t eat that 2nd (or 3rd) slice of pie, drink that extra glass on wine, or claim we’re going to get out and exercise, things never seem to go according to plan. Need a few tips on how to keep things from completely derailing during the holidays? Here’s a few!

-Pre-plan your workouts. This way, they are already part of your schedule and its that much less likely to be skipped.
-Plan how much you’re going to eat. Have a set limit, and try to stay under that limit.
-Limit the deserts table.
-Bring your running shoes on vacation! Hey there’s always places to run!
-Get the family to do something active. It may not be your regular training, but its better than doing nothing!
-But lastly, and most importantly, let loose a little! Its the holiday season and with the hard work you put in eating right and training the rest of the year, consider it a reward for your efforts! Let loose and celebrate a little bit! You’ll still be able to hit it hard in January!

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