Riding Your Bike on the Trainer

We’ve all been there, the endless hours of staring at the TV, computer, (for the True Grit Athlete, a blank wall) while spinning away on the trainer and going absolutely nowhere. Most of us hate it. It gets boring, it isn’t fun, there’s no scenery, breeze, or intermediate sprint line, and it just overall sucks. But alas, most of us are sentenced to doing the bulk of our winter training inside on the trainer, whether it be due to snow, rain, lack of daylight, or just not enjoying the cold weather (I thought hell was supposed to be hot, not cold). Now that winter is for the most part behind us, the days are getting longer, the weather warmer, and the sun is smiling down on the roads for cyclists. But should we continue to put time in on the trainer? Here are a couple good reasons to still suck it up and get on the trainer during the spring, summer, and fall.


1) This is the most important reason to get on the trainer during the season. Controlled environment intervals!! On the trainer, you don’t have to worry about hills, stop signs, cars, or anything else. Its just you, your pedals, and the resistance wheel. And sore legs. This is a good way to get your interval work in, especially when you have something specific you want to get done, such as 5×5 minutes at LT. On the trainer, you can hit your power numbers right on the dot without having to worry about other factors like stopping at a light half way through an interval.

2) You can do group workouts with friends of varying ability levels. When riding on the road, in order for people to all get a good workout, most of the riders have to be of at least comparable ability, otherwise someone either works way too hard just to hang on, or someone just cruises in order to not drop everyone else. On the trainer, no one gets dropped. No one has to worry about drafting.

3) Its safer. While you can still fall on the trainer (its usually OK to laugh), you don’t have to worry about crashing at high speeds, getting run over by a car, riding off a cliff, or really anything else. Just don’t ride your trainer in the middle of the road.

4) While this isn’t really a reason, you can get caught up on binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix.