Tips for your first triathlon

No matter how good you are at any given discipline of triathlon (swimming, cycling, or running), your first triathlon experience can be an intimidating one. What do I expect? What do I need to bring? What should my strategy be? Here are a few helpful tips for how to get through race day number 1 and leave you looking forward to race day number 2, 3, 4, 5… you get the picture!

1) Calm the heck down! If you followed your training, don’t take yourself too seriously, and just enjoy yourself, you’ll be just fine!

2) Pack your gear the night before. This eliminates race morning stress so you just have to grab your bag and go.

3 Include in your packed bag your swim cap, goggles, race number, bike shoes, helmet, nutrition, towel, race suit, and running shoes. Those are the essentials. As long as you have those, you’ll have what you need!

4) Don’t forget your bike! Do I even need to explain that?

5) Eat a good breakfast.

6) Get there early so you make sure you have time to set up your transition (I’ll post about this later).

7) Race your own race. Don’t try to go too fast just because someone else is! Race to your own abilities and let your body tell you how fast to go!

8) Ask questions. Everyone is willing to help. They were in your shoes once!

9) Refer back to tip #1!

Triathlon is a fun sport and you shouldn’t need to stress over your first event! Just go out and have fun, enjoy it, and think about how awesome you are for being there!

Happy racing!